Making Innovation Accessible
Applied Innovation Alliance (AIA) focuses on making innovation accessible, executable and repeatable. What was once a soft set of skills applied by a select few is now an adaptive set of processes designed for creating bold new strategy, analyzing tactical problematic situations and synthesizing highly innovative and realistic solutions. Applicable in all areas of business, engineering and science, structured approaches to innovation are focused on generating higher value results faster.
  • Business
    Innovation can be leveraged for both tactical and strategic means, including developing business models, creating innovative new business processes and building support structures to grow innovation through your business. AIA can help you match an Innovation initiative to your needs.
  • Engineering
    Whether it is through Inventive Problem Solving, Inventive Failure Analysis, or Innovation Skills Training, Innovation and Engineering are inexorably linked from R&D through Product launch. We help make sure your work force has the innovation tools and support needed for success.
  • Science
    Invention and product development are not the only ways to deploy innovation. Structured Innovation can be deployed to improve or reinvent measurement, testing and research processes and technologies. Be it for improved performance, decreased cost or new methods all together.
Testimonials David ColeChairman, Center for Auto Research

Increasingly innovation is a critical factor in business success. Dana is at the forefront of applying a methodology to stimulate and manage innovation. He has the ability to make a difference. I recommend him for work in this area.

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